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My Story

I am a composer, pianist, and keyboardist. My studies in sound design at Trebas have allowed me to acquire skills in composition software such as ProTools, Ableton, and Cubase. Over the years, I have distinguished myself in composing music for video games, films, and advertisements. My background in jazz and classical piano enables me to be highly versatile in composition. Additionally, surrounded by my synthesizers, I create unique sounds that bring life to project ideas.

I am a passionate and skilled composer that is looking for challenges.

My musical journey with piano encompasses a diverse range of styles. This versatility allows me to explore various genres and adapt to the specific needs of each project.

Throughout my years of experience, I have stood out through my creativity and ability to capture the essence of visual and narrative worlds. I have worked on several video game projects, creating original compositions that enhance player immersion and emotion. My compositions for films and advertisements have also been widely praised for their ability to convey powerful messages and create unique atmospheres.


Furthermore, I utilize synthesizers to craft distinctive and innovative sounds. By exploring the sonic possibilities of these instruments, I bring a rich and inventive sonic palette to my compositions.

I am always seeking new challenges and interesting collaborations. If you are in need of a creative, versatile, and passionate composer, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your musical projects and how I can add value to them.


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